Care Guide


We are thrilled that you have chosen a luxurious MILUSHA garment and hope that you feel truly fabulous when wearing it.

Every MILUSHA garment is made by our couture team, using only the highest quality fur, leather and textiles. We would appreciate if you could take a moment to read through how to care for your new MILUSHA item. This will ensure that it remains in an ideal condition for a very long time.

Take care of your garment, treat it with love and consideration.

Please do not bleach, dry clean, hand wash or machine wash your MILUSHA garment. Should it require cleaning, please ensure that you only visit a furrier that specialises in cleaning.

Please make sure to store your furs in the special temperature and humidity controlled facilities that are ideal to store your fur garments.


To help, we have partnered with HAYWARDS DRY CLEANERS who are specialists in cleaning luxury furs and storing them in the correct temperature and humidity conditions.

HAYWARDS DRY CLEANERS is located in a heart of Knighstbridge in London offering a collection and delivery service upon request.

As a special exclusive to our customers, please use the reference code 'MILUSHA LONDON' to receive a 10% DISCOUNT with HAYWARDS DRY CLEANERS.

To find their details and contact information, please visit their website, click here.
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